Healthy competition is necessary for youth, giving them an outlet for exercise, stimulation, and development of life skills. We’re proud to be able to offer that great feeling of being a part of a team to Chicago children.

Camps & Clinics

Sometimes the biggest barrier to a child joining a sport is lack of experience. Through frequent youth clinics and camps, children can develop the skills they need to be team players.



The Intentional Sports campus is large enough to accommodate large tournaments. We are extremely excited for these to take place in our community and welcome members children and families from the suburbs as well.

Speed & Performance Training

We’ve partnered with GlobalSpeed to bring the first Speed Court to the city of Chicago. This feature will not be reserved for adults or professionals, but will be open to children as well, along with other fitness and agility programs.


We’ve partnered with Riot Games to bring a full size esports lab to Intentional Sports, with 10 PCs, coding classes, and more.

Intentional Sports Club Teams

Club sports are a great way for youth to make friends, develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills, and stay fit and healthy. We are proud to have this vision represented at Intentional Sports.

Intentional Sports After School Program

What a child chooses to do in the hours after school is critical. Intentional Sports has set up a comprehensive after school program that will allow kids to get their homework done with the help of tutors, learn new skills, and of course burn off their energy with some healthy competition.

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