High-Stakes! High-Reward! $5 entry | $3 cashout


Fortnite fans, it’s your time to shine! In this high-stakes, high-reward tournament, every elimination counts. With a $5 entry fee and an optional $3 to participate in our unique cashout system, you’ve got the chance to turn your gaming glory into cold, hard cash. But beware – the more you earn, the bigger the target on your back!

Tournament Format

Welcome to Champion-of-the-Hill! In this adrenaline-fueled format, every player you eliminate adds their cashout to yours. But remember, the more you earn, the more you stand to lose. Will you cash out early and play it safe, or risk it all for the chance to become the ultimate Champion-of-the-Hill?


Ready to join the battle? First, you'll need to create an Intentional Sports account. Parents, you may need to set up an account for your young gamers. Once your account is set up, we'll link your gamertag for security and cashout purposes. Stay tuned for a step-by-step graphic guide to help you through the process!


In this tournament, the stakes are high and the rewards are even higher! Every elimination could add to your cashout, and if you're the last Champion standing, you'll have the chance to be immortalized on our VuWall and score some exclusive Intentional Sports merch. Stay tuned for more exciting prize announcements!


The tournament kicks off on July 2nd. We'll start with check-ins and orientation, followed by a day filled with intense competition. Breaks will be scheduled every two hours, and the tournament will wrap up with the crowning of our Champion-of-the-Hill. Our detailed schedule drops soon!


Join us in-person at Intentional Sports in Chicago, where we have 10 computers and a PS5 ready for action. Prefer to play from home? No problem! Just make sure to register, and we'll get you set up for remote play. Depending on the number of in-person participants, matches may be staggered.


Got questions? We've got answers! Yes, you can play without the $3 fee, but you won't be able to cash out. And yes, you can still be a formidable foe - your eliminations won't add or subtract to another player's cashout, but you can still take them down a notch!